Bukonzo Dream
Mbusa Julius

46,00 lei

46,00 lei


Farm:Manga Larga
Region:Tres Pontas, Sul de Minas
Farmer:Flavio 'Fafa' Reies
Processing:Anaerobic Fermentation
Varietal:Yellow Bourbon
Notes:Sweet berries, caramel and dark chocolate body

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Bukonzo Dream Coffee is the name given to coffee which is purchased and collected as cherry at different collection centres situated around the Rwenzori mountains and then brought down to the central washing station, and processed into a beautfil natural. When we first started buying coffee, it was all about buying green beans directly from farmers / groups which was already processed and hulled. It meant moving between hulling stations, analysing processed coffee, and buying the lots. We call this coffee African Moon. Whilst processing coffee at farm level is still active in certain areas, (usually areas with poorer access) There has been a huge shift towards what is now known as Bukonzo Dream as farmers much prefer to sell coffee as cherry rather than green. By Buying coffee as fresh, ripe cherry direct from the Farmer and processing it at the washing station at Kisinga, we can create incredible tasting premium lots of Bukonzo Dream. By keeping the areas where the cherry comes from and using the Buying Centre Structure, we process the cherries to naturals and take great care of the lots, using Polytunnels, a 24 hour operation, and a refined process to create incredible Rwenzori coffee.The name Bukonzo Dream. The Bakonzo Tribe are the group of people living throughout the Rwenzori Mountains, the tribe actually spread into the DRC so will not necessarily identify as either Ugandan or Congolese. When setting up Omwani as a way to create transparent links with the Rwenzori mountains, I would often tell members of staff and farmers that I’m moving back to the UK to start the business. I’d regularly hear of their desire to visit the UK, now it’s a bit corny but a close friend and colleague said to me, as a man of the Bukonzo, it would be my dream to visit the UK. Whilst they’ve not yet come for a visit, we felt it quite fitting the coffee which the Rwenzori is so renowned for be named after their desire to visit, seen as it’s made its way over here.

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