Odako, Shantawene

60,00 lei

60,00 lei


Region:Odako Kebele, Shantawene, Bensa
Farmer:Asefa Dukamo Korma
Altitude:2000 - 2200m
Notes:Sweet, Fruity and Full Bodied, notes of strawberry and floral aftertaste

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This coffee from the SHANTAWENE community is a micro-lot and has been called “ODAKO” to reflect the powerful culture of Shantawene, Sidama people.
Odaco is a popular tree name in shentawene, Bensa. The Odako tree is where the SHANTAWENE
community meets under the tree to resolve the conflicts in the area.
There is a similar tradition in other parts of Ethiopia as well for example (in the Oromo, known locally known
as ” oda “. ) The coffee is sourced from 563
Daye Bensa member farmers from the SHANTAWENE area and Gatta Daye Bensa Farm.
Daye Bensa micro-lots are a limited production, this approach help them to focus on the quality of the
As soon as the coffee is received it gets sorted by floating and picking out the ripe cherries.
Then dry it on african beds for 13-15 days; one person is assigned per each individual bed to rotate the cherries every 15 minutes to ensure uniformity of drying.
At Daye Bensa traceability is exremely important for their micro lots.
The record-keeping book is carefully handled and separation is key to guarantee the highest level of quality.
when the cherries are received they got separate by village, the coffee is then kept separate throughout
drying, processing, and storage, with labels stating the delivery dates, farm name, lot number, and
more details related to the particular lot.

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