Danbi Uddo

49,00 lei

49,00 lei


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This exceptional lot was processed, dry milled and exported by our good friends at Testi Coffee, a family-run business owned and managed by the Yonis family, who are making a name for themselves on the Ethiopian Specialty Coffee scene. For many years (see below on the Ethiopian Commodity Exchange – ECX), Mercanta was unable to secure good traceability information on many of our Ethiopian lots. As of 2017, all this changed, and we are very happy to highlight the great work that these valued partners are doing at origin. Today, Testi owns and/or operates several washing stations in Guji, Yirgacheffe, Sidamo and Limu. Each lot is named after one of the washing station collection points. Testi’s Guji washing station, where this lot was processed, produces both fully washed and sun-dried natural specialty coffees. Smallholder farmers deliver either directly to the washing station or to various collection points near their homes. To be accepted, the delivered cherry must be selectively hand-harvested, with few to any underripe, overripe or damaged cherries. Cherry is then delivered to the washing station, where it is processed. Natural lots, such as this one, are first floated in cool clean water to remove low-density floaters, before being delivered to the ‘skin’ drying (pre-drying) tables under shade for around 3-5 hours. The parchment will then be moved to the normal drying tables, where it will be regularly sorted, raked and covered during the hottest part of the day for around 15-18 days depending on the weather. Once dried, the coffee is milled and rested, ready for export.

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