San Antonio

48,00 lei

48,00 lei


Farm:52 small holder farmers
Region:Inzá, Cauca
Farmer:Small farmers
Altitude:1500 - 1800m
Processing:Fully washed
Varietal:Caturra & Castillo
Notes:Dark Cherry, orange, Caramel

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This coffee was produced by 52 smallholder coffee producers hailing from the neighbouring sub-municipalities of
Pedregal and San Antonio. Every single microlot delivered was cupped and reserved due to its scoring 85 points or
above by the community cupping lab, funded by Mercanta Exporting Partners, Pergamino, who are based in the
Department of Antioquia. These stringent standards result in very limited quantities of this exceptional blend of 70%+
Caturra and approx 30% Variedad Colombia being made available for export.Like all producers in Colombia, Pergamino spent many years helplessly riding the roller coaster of international coffee
prices. They had to invest, year after year, in their crops without knowing what price they would secure. As the saying
goes in Colombia, there were years of lean cows and years of fat cows – the former being more common than the
latter. They often sold their coffee to large exporters, never understanding its unique sensory coffees, nor in whose
hands it ended up for what price. When they began selling their coffee directly to importers and roasters, everything
changed. When they extended the model to small holder farmers in Antioquia, they also changed everything for them.

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