Notes: Peach and tropical fruit, with floral aroma and mango like acidity

Note: Peach and tropical fruit, with floral aroma and mango like acidity
Espresso ROAST
ALTITUDE: 2100 – 2200m
VARIETAL: Heirloom
FARM: Duwancho
FARMER: Asefa Dukamo Korma
REGION: Keramo Village, Bensa

62,00 lei

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Boabe, Espresso, Ibric, Moka Pot

This coffee is the micro-lot from the Keramo area and it has been called “Duwancho” because of the incredible fruity cup profile that possess.
The coffee is sourced from 279 Daye Bensa member farmers from the Keramo village area.
The lots is processed as a natural to enhance even more the explosion of fruitiness that the coffee naturally have.
Daye Bensa micro-lots are a limited production, this approach help them to focus on the quality of the
As soon as the coffee is received it gets sorted by floating and picking out the ripe cherries.
Then dry it on african beds for 13-15 days; one person is assigned per each individual bed to rotate the cherries every 15 minutes to ensure uniformity of drying.
At Daye Bensa traceability is exremely important for their micro lots.
The record-keeping book is carefully handled and separation is key to guarantee the highest level of quality.
when the cherries are received they got separate by village, the coffee is then kept separate throughout
drying, processing, and storage, with labels stating the delivery dates, farm name, lot number, and
more details related to the particular lot.

Oferim cafea de specialitate, boabe sau macinata, pentru Moka Pot, Espresso si Ibric. Arome unice din plantații de top, macinata la comanda pentru prospetime maxima.

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